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UHV Heating Stages    Models BPBPM and BPBPF

Models BPBPM and BPBPF, Banana Plugs

Models BPBPM and BPBPF, Banana Plugs are available for use where reliable electrical connections under ultra-high vacuum conditions are required. Manufactured from BeCu and 304ss, they are gold coated for enhanced electrical performance and reliability and include ceramic insulators. Chromel Alumel plugs are also available for use with K-type thermocouples. The possibility of zinc outgassing from the brass used in traditional connectors in the vacuum chamber has been completely eliminated. The ceramic insulators provided attach the male plug firmly and the female socket loosely to allow self-alignment.

A wide range of applications include resistive heating, direct intrinsic heating and e-beam setups; sample biasing; power-up of devices within vacuum systems or for heating; current measurements, such as Faraday cups; measuring sample temperature with a thermocouple or to evaporate materials.

Reliable UHV electrical connections can be repeatedly engaged and disengaged. Download a pdf file of the datasheet here.

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Materials and Specifications
Material Au, BeCu, 304ss and ceramic
Vacuum Range 10 x 10-11 Torr
Engagement force .5 to .75 pounds max per connector
Electrical Rating 15kV maximum
15 Amperes per connector
Dimensions See drawing

Specifications subject to change without notice.
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Models BPBPM and BPBPF, Banana Plugs Diagram
precision magnetic manipulator
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