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UHV Heating Stages    Model VMTEX, Transferable Experimental Station

Transferable Experimental Station

The Transferable Experimental Station is a versatile sample mounting system with completely UHV-compatible electrical connections. Mount simple samples or build up complex experiments at atmospheric pressure. Then, using the rugged Transfer Engineering Precision Magnetic Manipulator, the sample or experiment can be reliably transferred into a vacuum system, moved from one chamber or station to another, and repeatedly engage and disengage electrical connections.

The Transferable Experimental Station can be fitted with heaters ranging from 3/8" to 2.0" in diameter that will reach temperatures up to 1200°C+. Various mechanisms, such as screws, clips or retaining cups can be used to hold samples on the puck. A variation of the system even allows for the independent transfer of standard sample stubs to the puck while the puck remains under vacuum.

The heart of the station is a generic sample puck equipped with either four (Model VMTEX-4) or seven electrical connectors (Model VMTEX-7-1 or 7-2). The generic design of the puck allows for easy mounting of samples and offers a stable platform for building experiments. The complete system consists of the sample puck with or without a heater, a receiving station mounting (fixed brackets or attachment to any manipulator), and an adapter/modification to a Precision Magnetic Manipulator that allows the puck to be locked to either the PMM or the receiving station.

The UHV-compatible banana plugs providing the electrical connections on the sample puck were developed by Transfer Engineering. These exceptional plugs are manufactured from BeCu, 304 stainless steel, and ceramic and are Au-coated for enhanced electrical performance and reliability. Chromel/Alumel plugs are also available for use with K-type thermocouples. The possibility of Zn out-gassing from the brass used in traditional connectors in the vacuum chamber has been completely eliminated.

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Puck Size
Width 1.0" 1.75" 2.37"
Height 0.75" 0.75" 1.02"
Length 2.75" 3.25" 4.0"
Weight .06 lb 1.0 lb 1.5 lb
Minimum Tube ID for Transfer 1.30" 2.40" 3.50"
Number of Connectors 4 7 7
Maximum Current/Connector 15A 15A 15A
Maximum Voltage 5 kV 5 kV 5 kV
Stage (receiver) System
Width 1.25" 2.0" 2.65"
Height 0.85" 0.88" 1.00"
Length 3.5" 4.25" 4.85"
Weight .06 lb 1.0 lb 1.0 lb
Heater Size .50" 1.00" 2.00"
Typical Sample Size 1.0" 1.75" 2.50"

Specifications subject to change without notice.
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DIAGRAM OF TYPICAL Model VMTEX, Transferable Experimental Station
Model VMTEX, Transferable Experimental Station Diagram
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