loadlock and transfer system
custom systems and vacuum components
Modification of standard products and a wide range of custom systems and vacuum components have been provided to meet special applications. With UHV design expertise and experience, Transfer Engineering can develop unique systems for customers working in vacuum and related fields. Products include UHV heating stages, goniometers and large and small transfer systems.
Precision Transporters
Magnetically coupled sample transporters with linear travel, 360° rotation, or combined linear and/or rotary motions are ideal for sample transfer and manipulation in HV, UHV or controlled environments. Precise and robust, these magnetic transporters can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Precision Magnetic Manipulators (PMM) can be motorized and customized. UHV accessories are available.
precision magnetic manipulator

NREL Transport Pod

Vacuum Cassette Elevator

Leader of Innovative Vacuum Transfer Equipment

Transfer Engineering offers a wide-range of components that can be easily modified or new systems created to meet specific customer needs. Working closely with customers to understand their process and objectives ensures that the product provided fulfills their requirements.

Transfer Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc. is a privately owned company specializing in providing standard and custom components, subsystems and systems for OEM, Production Facilities and R&D/University Laboratory customers. TEAMs core expertise is in the handling, transporting, positioning and manipulation of samples, semiconductor wafers, substrates, flat panels and other materials with precision and reliability in UHV, HV, ultra-clean, ultra-dry and other challenging controlled environments. The product line includes MESC compatible wafer transport systems.

Precision Magnetic Manipulators (PMM), UHV stages, HV and UHV products, Vacuum and UHV components, Vacuum compatible wafer transfer systems, Loadlock systems (load locks), Magnetic transporters, UHV heating stages, custom vacuum systems, rotary feedthroughs.

UHV Rack and Pinion Transporter, 450mm Load Lock, 450mm Transfer, 450mm Wafer Transfer

News Highlights

August, 2014 --
Ozone Assisted Oxide MBE System

Transfer Engineering delivers custom system with two MBE chambers and preparation chamber connected by UHV trolley tubes to Argonne National Laboratory.

Ozone Assisted Oxide MBE System

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precision magnetic manipulator
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loadlock and transfer system